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2021 Practices

Practice is essential to improvement and success with any skill -- swimming is no different. Attendance at practice is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended. Repetition and great coaching are essential to improvement. The Tiger Sharks offer a great coaching staff and wonderful facilities which will help your kids become better swimmers... but only if they practice.

Practice is for athletes to spend time with coaches. We ask that parents not interfere with their children's practice time. You can watch practice from the canopy areas, but please don't enter the deck. This is distracting to both swimmers and coaches. If you have any concerns, please address the head coach either before or after practice or by email.

Our coaches are very flexible with club swimmers who usually have rigorous club practice schedules. We would like to have club swimmers practice with us once or twice per week if possible. Club swimmers can be a good example and inspire our non-club swimmers.

2021 Revised Practice Schedule (same schedule each day, no dryland practice)

11 & up 7-8

10 & under 7:45-8:45

As a reminder: We have the pool for a shorter amount of time this year. In order to adhere with safety guidelines, we want to make sure the swimmers have an adequate amount of time in the pool to practice. Please make note of arrival times, we need to start on time to ensure a quality practice.

*Coach Cara may change up practices times on the Thursdays after Wednesday night meets.

What are the safety guidelines for swimmers?

Swimmers will be required to wear a mask outside of the pool when they are not actively participating in physical activity. Swimmers are required to wear masks when coming in and out of the pool area, using the restroom, etc. Swimmers must maintain social distance when out of the pool.

Will parents/guardians be able to attend practices?

Parents will be able to attend practices as long as we stay under the 200 person capacity set by the city’s department of Parks and Recreation and follow their safety guidelines.

Parents will be required to wear masks at all times.

Parents will need to bring their own chairs and must stay out of the pool area. Social distancing by family unit will be required.


  • Swimmers must leave the Pickerington Pool immediately at the completion of any practice. There should be no socializing in the parking lot before or after any practice.
  • A volunteer from Tiger Sharks will be taking the temperature of all athletes and parents/guardians when entering the Pickerington Pool. (This will no longer happen. Please self monitor before coming to practice).
  • Swimmers should be prepared to arrive and depart in their suits as we cannot allow for changing in the restrooms.
  • Swimmers must bring their own personal equipment (mask, goggles, towel, caps, water bottle, etc.) to practice each day.
  • Please follow each facility’s guidelines on restroom use. Restrooms should not be used for changing and deck changing is strictly prohibited.
  • Swimmers will be assigned a social distancing grid space for each practice. Once swimmers enter the pool area, they will go immediately to their assigned spot and await instructions from their coach..
  • Swimmers will swim with a maximum of six (6) athletes per lane, staggered throughout the lane to maintain social distancing.
  • For everyone to stay healthy and be able to keep swimming, we ask our athletes to please wear a mask and practice responsible social distancing when they are away from the pool as well.
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2021 Tiger Sharks

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