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2017 Team Handbook

Our 2018 Team Handbook is in being edited and will be posted soon.  The following is our 2017 handbook.

The cost to join the 2017 Tiger Sharks is a simple $100 per swimmer. Pool membership is NOT required. NO additional fee for non-members. You can try out the Tiger Sharks because our $100 per swimmer fee is refundable until our first meet. The season info and team rules are summarized in our 2017 Parent Information Packet downloadable PDF document.

As with any swim team or kid's sport, there are some additional costs. If your swimmer wears a swim cap in a meet, it must be a Tiger Sharks team cap. Also, your swimmer will need goggles and a competition swim suit. Team suits are preferred, but other purple competition suits can be worn in meets. You can buy reasonably priced team suits and swim accessories from our online Tiger Sharks Swim Shop. The suit should fit tight and will stretch with use. Click this link for a Dolfin Sizing Chart for help with picking a suit for your swimmer. If you still have questions, email, text or call and we'll try to help.

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Info for Parents

Tiger Sharks, Inc.
PO BOX 375
Pickerington, OH 43147-0375
TXT/VM 614-434-6115

Looking for a summer youth program that is great fun, builds self-confidence, while promoting a life-long skill, good health and exercise? Then the Tiger Shark swim team is for your child. The Tiger Sharks are a summer swim team located in Pickerington, Ohio for children ages 5 to 18. Our swim season runs from late May to mid-July.

Our registration fees are substantially less and our program more robust than regular swim lessons. Your child will receive six weeks of one hour lessons/training for the price most pools charge for two weeks of half-hour lessons. If your child loves to swim, consider joining our team.

The Tiger Sharks are coached by Noah Worobetz who is a member of The Ohio State University men’s swim team. Noah shares his love for the sport with each team member through fun-filled practices focused on developing and strengthening your child’s swimming ability. Noah is assisted by Dave Watros and Sheri Rhodes whose combined coaching experience exceeds 35 years. The Tiger Sharks also have a mentoring buddy program which pairs younger swimmers with older swimmers to provide encouragement and friendship through fun-filled team building activities.

The Tiger Sharks home meets and practices are held at the beautiful 10-lane Pickerington Community Pool which we call the “Shark Tank”. The Tiger Sharks belong to the Tri-County Aquatic League which schedules all meets and sponsors the season ending league championship meet.

Parental involvement is essential to the success of our program. The Tiger Sharks Executive Committee oversees the operation of the team along with parent volunteers who contribute their time and talents to provide the best experience for our swimmers.

The Tiger Sharks will host a Pre-Season Bash in early April at the Pickerington Senior Center. Check our web site ( for the date and plan to attend to get more information, meet our coaches, register for the team and be fitted for the team suit. This is an excellent opportunity for new families to get more information. is our web site and has complete information about the team. Visit us today to learn more and join our team.

Below is some additional information and highlights from our web site.


The Tiger Sharks swim team is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the development of sound swimming skills in a competitive environment, while providing an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie. The Tiger Sharks are funded through team registration fees and team fundraising events.


The Executive Committee is charged with the operation of the team. Committee members are elected by member families annually per the team Bylaws. The contact person for the committee is our president.

Here are the officers serving for the 2017 season:

President: Julie Larson

Vice President: Sheri McClurg

Secretary: Lisa Winters

Treasurer: Melissa Balko

League Representative: Julie Larson

Immediate Past President: Deborah Kitsmiller

Meet Director: Sheri McClurg

Marketing Director: Kelly Hughes

Technology Officer: S. Ely Kleszczelski

Team Representative: TBA


Head Coach : Noah Worobetz,

Assistant Coach : Dave Watros,

Assistant Coach : Sheri Rhodes,


Communication is essential to the success of any organization and the Tiger Shark Executive Committee and coaches are committed to providing frequent communication, reminders and updates to our team families. The Tiger Shark Executive Committee communicates to families via email, Facebook, and the team website (

The coaching staff communicates updates and reminders to parents regarding practices and meets via Remind101. Parents and their child care providers are encouraged to subscribe to Remind 101 as outlined below.

REMIND101: To receive message via text, text @ptsswim to 81010. You can opt-out of messages at any time by replying, @LEAVE @ptsswim

Meet event entries of swimmers will be emailed to families and posted on the team web site prior to each meet.


The Tiger Sharks are an independent non-profit organization which pays fees to the City of Pickerington for use of the Pickerington Community Pool for practices and home meets. The Pickerington Pool is located at 11330 Stonecreek Drive, Pickerington 43147. P: 614-864-3483.


Team registration is required for team membership and complete registration information including cost is available on our team web site ( The Tiger Sharks DO NOT require a pool membership to join the team. Parents and swimmers can try out the Tiger Sharks because the season Swimmer Fees are refundable until our first meet. There are no refunds after our first meet. (Cost of swim equipment and accessories are not refundable by the team.)


Practice is essential to improvement and success with any skill and swimming is no different. Although attendance at practice is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended. Your child will only improve through repetition and great coaching which the Tiger Sharks offer.

Practices are held weekday mornings at the Pickerington Community Pool and are scheduled around their hours of operation. Two practice sessions are held each weekday, one for children ages 11 & up and one for children ages 10 & under.

Practices will begin on Tuesday, May 30 and end on Wednesday, July 19. The team does not practice on days of meets. The practice schedule below may be modified based on team-building activities, our meet schedule and Community Pool events. Changes to practices are announced through our team website and Remind 101 text alerts sent by the coaches.

Practice Schedule :
7:15 AM to 8:30 AM – 11 & UP
8:30 AM to 9:30 AM – 10 & UNDER

Inclement Weather: Rain does not cancel practice, unless the lifeguards and coaches are unable to see the bottom of the pool. Coaches will send text alerts if practice is cancelled. See the COMMUNICATION section.


Meet Participation:

Participation in meets is not required but highly encouraged. Although the sport of swimming is an individual effort, your child is part of a team and their effort contributes to the success of the team. In addition, to participate in the season ending league championship meet, your child must swim in a minimum of three regular season meets.

Prior to each meet, parents will need to declare their child’s intent to participate in the meet by the deadline in order to be entered into the meet by Coach Noah. See RELAYS below.

Meet Events:

The event list for meets is posted on our team web site ( For most meets, each swimmer may swim in a maximum of three individual events and two relays. Multi-team meets and league championships may have different participant entry rules.

The team coaches will select the events and enter your child for each meet unless you indicate your child will not participate. Coaches will choose events that are suited to your child’s ability while maximizing the team’s strengths for competition. The coaching staff will never set your child up for failure, but place them in events to improve their confidence and overall skills. You may not always agree with the coaches’ selections for a particular meet, but give your child a chance to show what they have learned.


Relays are a lot of fun for the swimmers and promote team building skills. There are two relay events in each meet. Relays are comprised of four team members and each team may enter more than one relay provided the team has enough participants to field multiple relays.

A team member entered in a relay event that fails to show for the meet will cause that relay to be scratched from the meet and the other three team members left very disappointed. Therefore, it is important to declare your child’s intent to swim in the meet by the deadline. For emergencies that may occur on meet day, please see the “Communication” section. In addition, swimmers attending meets should get permission from a coach to leave early in case they are needed to swim in the last relay.

Meet Schedule:

The Tiger Sharks meets are scheduled by the Tri-County Aquatic League. Meets are held on weeknights or weekend mornings. The Tiger Sharks typically have six regular season meets in which two or three are home meets. Because of the Community Pool’s hours of operation, our home meets are held on Saturday mornings. The 2017 meet schedule will be posted on our web site ( once the team receives it from the league.

Meet Workers and Sign-Up Genius

Parental involvement is essential and parent volunteers are required at both home and away meets. Because of the Community Pool’s swim lesson schedule, our home meets are held on Saturday mornings. The Tiger Sharks typically host two or three home meets.

The Tiger Sharks use Sign-up Genius to post and manage all needed positions for both home and away meets. Access to Sign-up Genius is available through our team website ( In addition, meet sign-up reminders are emailed to all families.

Every meet requires the team to provide meet officials and lane timers. The old saying of “Many hands make light work” is certainly true for home meets as they require about 30 parent volunteers. There are many jobs from set-up the night before to tear-down immediately after to insure the pool opens promptly at 12:00 noon following a home meet. Other jobs include meet concession workers, computer operators, bull pen workers and award volunteers.

In addition, the team uses Sign-Up Genius to obtain and manage the donations for our meet concession stand. See the team web site ( to access meet sign-ups.

2017 Tri-County League Championship Meet

This is where the hard work each day in practice pays off. Championships is where they shine the most, so plan to be a part of it!

The 2017 Tri-County League Championships will be held at Dennison University on July 20 and 21. Specific times and the meet format are being finalized by the League. Information will be announced on the team web site ( once this information is known.

Entry fees for each swimmer are paid for by the team. Therefore it is imperative that parents declare their child’s intent to participate prior to the requested deadline.

Tiger Sharks Team Store on

The Tiger Sharks have a team store on This is a great opportunity for our team because will return 8% of all purchases made through our store to the team. To insure your order is credited to our team account, please use the link on our website ( to access

Through our team store, you will find the team swim suit, goggles and much more. You are NOT LIMITED to purchase only those items for our team to receive the credit. As long as you access through our team link, ANYTHING you purchase from, will earn 8% for our team. Not sure if you are shopping through the team store, just look at the TEAM link across the top of the web page and Pickerington Tiger Sharks should be visible.

We encourage you to visit our team store and make any purchases for ALL your swimming needs through our team web site. This includes suits, goggles, towels, training items, swim diapers, personal care items anything available on can be purchased through our team store and return 8% to our team. Your patronage is greatly appreciated – THANK YOU!!!

If you have any questions regarding the team store, please contact Brenda Murray through the team’s email,

Team Swim Caps & Suits

If your swimmer wears a swim cap in a meet, it must be a Tiger Sharks team cap.

The team suit can be found at the Tiger Sharks team store on at this URL:

This purple Dolfin suit will be our team suit each season going forward. The suit is available in two male and two female styles to fit most body shapes and preferences. The Tiger Sharks will host a Fit-Night in April so you can accurately order your child’s team suit. For those of you ready to order your child’s suit today, please access the Tiger Sharks team store on SwimOutlet,com through or use this link:

For boys and girls needing sizes 22 and 24, select the youth suits in the Tiger Sharks store. The suit should fit tight and will stretch with use. For help with choosing a suit size, please see the Dolfin Sizing Chart below.


n addition, we are finalizing plans with a local vendor to embellish the suits with the team name/logo as an option. More information regarding this option will be available in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions regarding the team suit, please contact Brenda Murray through the team’s email,

Pre-Season Bash and Suit Fit-Night

The team will have a Pre-Season Bash in April at the Pickerington Senior Center. All potential team members are encouraged to attend and bring a friend ! Take advantage of this opportunity to meet our coaches, register for the team, get fitted for the correct size suit and see team friends. Please plan to join us for this exciting night of fun! See for more information.

Swimmer Mentoring “Buddy” Program

The swimmer mentoring “Buddy” program is designed to unify the Tiger Shark team, build team spirit, and provide a positive and encouraging environment for all swimmers. The “Buddy” program will partner older swimmers (13 and up) with younger swimmers (12 and under) and encourage each swimmer to get to know their “Buddy” and to cheer for them at meets.

Cheering and encouragement is what this program is about. Parents of younger swimmers are asked to assist their child in knowing the events that the buddy will be swimming at each meet so that they can be pool side to cheer and provide a high-five afterward. The participant list of all swimmers is always posted next to the team banner at each meet. Look for the team banner!

Special “Buddy” events will be planned in which swimmers will practice with their buddies followed by a special “Buddy Breakfast”. The dates of these events will be announced and practice times on these dates may be altered to accommodate these team building activities.

Parents will be asked to provide donations for the “Buddy Breakfasts” through Sign-up Genius. All other items for the “Buddy” program will be provided by the team to insure that every swimmer is treated equally. DO NOT purchase or provide any “special” gifts for your buddy. The success of this program depends on everyone following this simple rule! THANK YOU!!!

Post-Season Awards Celebration

The team sponsors a family fun night at the pool to celebrate a great swim season and recognize our swimmers with awards earned throughout the year. The date and time of this year’s awards celebration will be announced in the coming weeks.


Have additional questions, please visit our team web site ( for up-to-date information or email

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2017 Tiger Sharks

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Copyright (C) 2018, Tiger Sharks, Inc., All rights reserved.

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