"The Big Game" Fundraiser Keeps Registration Costs Down!

    Hi Tiger Shark Fam!

    Our annual fundraiser for Super Bowl squares ends in 2 days and we need your help!

    Our goal has always been to provide your children with an amazing summer swim experience, and keep costs down across-the-board.

    We have been able to be cost effective through our relationship with the city pool. Our swimmers do not have to be members unlike with other teams which is a bonus for you!

    As you know, inflation has caused prices to increase and while we would like to keep our prices the same each year, it's not possible with the current economy.

    While we want to keep our registration costs down, we also need to take into consideration the need to pay the lifeguards, having enough guards on duty, helping with pool chemical costs and giving our coaches a competitive pay so we have a phenomenal staff to coach your kids.

    HOWEVER, this is where fundraising comes in! We need your help to fund raise during our off-season, so we can keep those registration costs as low as possible.

    This Super Bowl fundraiser brings in a good amount of money for the swim team with very little work. Please consider sharing our fundraiser with friends and family over the next two days so we can ensure your kids get the best experience over this summer swim season.

    Let’s sell out those squares so we can make this fundraiser for our swimmers a success! Plus, you have a chance to win $100 or MORE!

    The final grid with name placement will be sent out and posted on social media on Sunday afternoon, February 12th.

    Thank you, Abbey Fatica

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