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2019 Early Shark $125

Please fill out this form to apply for membership and add your athletes to our roster.

The 2019 season per-swimmer, cost is $140. Early bird price through Thursday, April 25, 2019 is $125.

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Boys 9-10 and Girls 11-12

We're sorry, but we have no more space on the team for one or more of your age groups.  Please contact us to get on a wait list.

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Can athlete swim?

We are a competitive swim team and require some minimal swimming proficiency. We are not a swim lesson school. Our training develops good swimmers but they have to be able to swim. Treading water in the deep end and a dog paddle across the pool are examples of some minimal skills. There will be an evaluation the first few days of practice. If athlete is not yet a swimmer, the registration fee will be refunded, and athlete will be recommended for swim lessons. Hopefully they will join us next season. *

Will swimmer race in meets?

We are a competitive swim team. Membership priority is given to swimmers who will race in meets. Athletes who join for training but not racing will be accepted only if there's space. *

How did you find us?

Who were you referred by or how did you hear about the Tiger Sharks?

General Liability & Medical Release

As parent(s) / guardian(s) of the child or children registered on this form, I (we) do hereby agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by Tiger Sharks, Inc. I (we) agree to release information to the team as needed to confirm eligibility of the child (children).

I hereby acknowledge that the swimmer(s) named above is/are physically fit and mentally capable of participating in all Swim Team activities.

We agree to hold harmless and to indemnify any member, coach, employee or associate of Tiger Sharks, Inc. and the Pickerington Community Pool from lawsuits resulting from injury or mishap on the part of the swimmer.

If a medical emergency should arise during the swimmer’s participation in team activities, at a time when I am not present or cannot be contacted regarding my swimmer’s care, I hereby authorize team representatives, on my behalf, to take whatever measures necessary to ensure that the swimmer is provided with emergency medical treatment, including hospitalization, which team representatives deem necessary in order to protect the swimmer’s health and well-being.

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Photo Release

The Swim Team retains the right to use photographs of your child on the Swim Team website, Social Media, and for future publications used exclusively for publicity associated with the Swim team.


As the parents / guardians of a swimmer, we understand that the team requires our involvement in the setup, running and takedown of our meets. We commit to work in some meets (1st or 2nd half). Because our beautiful pool has 10 lanes, the team needs many volunteers for home meets!


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